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CD: "Pour La Chambre d'Aga"

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A frenchman in Berlin. With his first album "Pour la chambre d'Aga" pianist Thibault Falk goes confidently counter-current from the contemporary jazz stream, but he does it so "verve", so full of charm and fantasy, that it makes us want to follow him and be "captivated" by his piano.

"So he resumes with his new CD right where he had left off with the last-ahead to the roots. Thibault Falk has no need to reinvent himself to express his essential qualities: constancy in movement, reliability in transience, calm in the disorder. His tales seem familiar. We recognize the sound from the history of jazz. Falk has no trouble acknowledging jazz in its pure form. The sepia tone, not only of the sound, but also in the interaction of the quartet, bridges the gap between memory and the present.

Last but not least, "Sur Le Fil" is a Berlin-album, for it tells a story typical of this metropolis, traversed by the river Spree: the meeting of four musicians rooted in France, Poland, Denmark and the USA who bring not only their own stories, but also their slang, quirks and preferences. And still it is a Berlin-story. Unimpressed by the ever-changing Avant-Garde musical language, predominant there today, they play freely and relaxed. This freedom is however idiomatic, not structural, for stories need no plan; they suffice in their form, flow, and fantasy."

by Wolf Kampmann